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Client Testimonials

Once we decided we wanted to go to Botswana, we did our home work and contacted 3 agencies. On all criteria, Timeless Africa (Julian Asher) came first:
  • Julian knows the country and was able to help us choose the best times and places to travel to, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each area, season by season
  • Unlike other agencies, Julian has actually visited a great number of camps there (we met guides who remembered his recent visits and were very complimentary about his extensive local knowledge). This really shows when you start asking more specific questions: he was able to advise us on how to cut costs by choosing alternative camps without compromising on the game viewing (which we realised was totally true when we were on the ground)
  • Last but not least, he listens to your priorities and does not push blindly a fixed set of camps or activities and he is a master of efficiency and communication:
    • We changed our itinerary several times and Julian always managed to accommodate us and rebook camps promptly
    • He always answered promptly any questions that were fired at him. He even sent us reminders at all important steps of the travel preparation
  • Julian does not send you a fancy glossy "one size fits all" brochure (this might explain why he is not the most expensive). Instead, everything is personalized and he takes care of all the important little things that add up to make the trip successful Our trip was totally amazing and we have no hesitation in warmly recommending Timeless Africa.
C Vincent and A Gould
London, UK
I have traveled to many different countries with my family and normally plan the trips myself. When I started researching South Africa I quickly became overwhelmed with the diverse travel experiences that were offered by numerous websites. During my web search Timeless Africa was the only company who offered extensive practical planning information for an African traveler. I wasn't going to use a travel agent but I was so impressed with the website I thought this was a company that would have the answers to all my questions.

Julian responded to my e-mail and followed up with additional e-mails, texts & phone calls to make sure he had all my vacation desires correct. I was impressed with the calls due to the eight hour time difference he was dealing with. He offered several written itinerary suggestions and was very patient with my changes.

This trip was my 16 year old daughter's graduation trip and I was traveling with her. I wanted every transition detailed and nothing left to chance. Julian read my mind and made the entire trip seamless. He arranged every last detail, e-mailed it to me & had a copy of it handed to me. In fact, upon arrival in Africa we were given a travel sized zipped binder which contained a copy of our itinerary, all the website information I was so impressed with, and a list of local contacts in case a problem might arise. Equipped with that binder and Julian's cell phone number all my apprehensive tension was released and I was able to thoroughly enjoy our trip.

Our trip was amazing!!! After seeing my photos most people want information on the travel agency I used and the places we visited. I am more than happy to share that with them.

Visiting Africa was like getting a taste of my favorite dessert... I can't wait to experience more of it!! There is so much more to explore. Julian will be hearing from me again.
TLC Ritter
Danville, CA
Thinking about a trip to Africa? No trip to Africa can be better planned than the trip we had by Julian Asher of Timeless Africa. All I can say it was the most professional and delightful experience working with Julian and I have worked with some of the best names in the travel industry.

My husband and I wanted an upscale but authentic trip Africa and having been to most of the world, we wanted Africa to top them all! And boy was it ever topped by using Julian!

From the pre planning to the trip itself every step was carefully crafted and we always felt taken of. The small touches such as making sure our bags (which accidentally got rerouted when we left a camp in Botswana) got to the plane we were departing from in Botswana back to Johannesburg to arranging an ultra-romantic dinner at Singita Boulders lodge in South Africa to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and to just making sure the right hand spoke to the left throughout the trip, which isn't always an easy feat in the wonderful world of travel. Without hesitation and with the greatest confidence, I would highly recommend Julian Asher and Timeless Africa.
R and A Webb
Alexandria, VA, USA
After doing intensive research for our African "trip of a lifetime", we found it frustrating to discover several travel agents who wanted to tinker with our preferred choices... that is, until we found Timeless Africa!

Julian has such a refreshing approach to travel and his business. He was a treat to work with - both efficient and organized. Furthermore, he is a marvelous communicator. His non-safari accommodation suggestions exceeded our very particular standards and saved considerable money. He made suggestions oblivious to his commissions but that worked best within our budget. Prior to our travels, Julian patiently addressed our concerns one by one. His thoughtful, knowledgeable manner ensured that our four week African trip exceeded anything we could possibly have imagined.

Julian's knowledge on everything "African travel" runs deep. From appropriate camera equipment to the suitable binocular options to the best medical supplies to take with us. All his suggestions were perfect. Check out Timeless Africa's website. We have had many chuckles over the "clothing and hair" suggestions!

We have recommended Timeless Africa services to many friends contemplating a trip to the African continent. We know they will be as be delighted as we were!
G and J Richards
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Our family recently returned from a fabulous trip to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda. This trip involved 17 flights, 7 places to stay, a myriad of tours, drivers, reservations, guides and details, and more than a few changes along the way. Julian handled every detail superbly, from suggesting things we had not thought of, to arranging accommodations and guides that he felt we would enjoy the most at various places along the way. He gave us specific suggestions regarding each of our camps, including tent numbers, since he had been to almost all of them personally. Every suggestion he made was excellent. Moreover, all of our queries were answered promptly and with excellent cheer during the 15 months from our first planning ideas until the end of our trip - and beyond. We would heartily recommend Timeless Africa to anyone planning a trip to Africa. The personal care and attention to detail were truly priceless.
C and J Barnes, Vista, CA
B and R Barnes, Carmichael, CA
Julian arranged an incredible trip for us to Botswana and Zimbabwe. He paid close attention to our needs and interests and designed the entire 15 day itinerary. I must have emailed Julian a few times each week for a year, but all emails received a same-day reply (the man must never sleep!) and questions were answered in great detail. We were also given many other suggestions and valuable pieces of advice for our extended visit to South Africa. I cannot thank Timeless Africa enough for the trip of a lifetime (and we travel the world several times a year) and would never hesitate to give Julian and Timeless Africa the highest possible recommendation!
G and P Klinkert
Long Beach, California, USA
Julian arranged our dream trip to Botswana and he was spectacular. Working with him to plan the trip itself was fun. He loves the area and he was able to give us a real feel for what the experience would be like at different camps. Usually because he's been to the camp (often multiple times). Same for lodging and stuff to do in Johannesburg and Capetown and even in Madrid. He told us when he only knew a place by reputation. His recommendations were geared toward our budget, personalized and spot on every time. Working with Julian was like having a personal concierge and a trip advocate in one person. A friend decided she wanted to join us a few months after we'd booked our camps and he was back to us within days with an answer and alternatives where it didn't work. We can't wait to work with him on our next trip to Africa!
T Africa and D Kean
Truckee, California USA
Thank you Timeless Africa for arranging a marvelous trip to Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls and Cape Town on such short notice. Bruce and I appreciate the outstanding service we received at every step. You answered our questions promptly; offered advice based on personal experience, got us into camps that are usually fully booked years in advance and even requested your favorite guides for us in Botswana. You have our highest recommendation!
M Norusis and B Stephenson
Highland Park, IL
Thanks Julian for arranging our trip to Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Your attention to details made sure that everything went smoothly, from the air flights, the road transfers, hotels and camp. All went as planned and we had the greatest time at Somalisa Camp, which you recommended. It was the most incredible vacation and I will contact you again for our next trip. Thanks again for all your help in planning this amazing adventure!
D Kitsman
Pahoa, Hawaii U.S.A.
Julian Asher was the consummate travel advisor who provided excellent advice and assistance when he helped plan our holiday to The Winelands in Cape Town, South Africa. Julian made excellent recommendations for hotels and restaurants and always took into account our budget and interests. He has a wealth of knowledge about the area and was able to arrange a fabulous hotel for us to stay and suggest wonderful restaurants that made our holiday in The Winelands very memorable. We highly recommend him!
M and D Rowe
London, UK
Our African journey was a godsend - a trip of a lifetime - two months to explore the best of Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia. That being said, it was a trip that posed significant challenges: 'last minute' planning for a lengthy trip in the high season with innumerable logistical obstacles, plus clients focused on unique and varied activities and unwilling to settle for a textbook tour. While most travel agents responded with discouragement and skepticism as to the ability to book such a trip, Julian was full of enthusiasm and optimism, radiating what I can only describe as a genuine (and infectious) love of Africa. Julian approached our trip with calm, thoughtful and detailed consideration. He took the time to learn our travel experiences/preferences, our personalities and the types of activities we enjoyed; he prioritized these as well as integrating useful suggestions into his proposal, presenting a customized, first-rate itinerary. The process was pleasant, fluid and seamless. More importantly, his attention and responsiveness did not end when the check cleared - he monitored our progress throughout our journey and was interested in our feedback. I can't imagine changing a single thing on our trip (other than making it longer). Julian was remarkable - he did a fantastic job and I unconditionally recommend his services - he was a true miracle worker!
S Lee and A Grumet
New York, New York USA