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Why Travel With Us?

Passion and Focus We didn't start off as travel agents - our love of Africa came first, and Timeless Africa grew out of our desire to share this wonderful place with others. We were introduced to Africa and have done most of our travel in Africa as safari goers just like you.

We are Africa specialists - we don't sell ski trips or cruises. In this industry, we've learned that what you know is much more important than the size of your company. Many travel agents who promote Africa (including some of the biggest names in the business) have never stepped foot on the continent. And many who have done make only cursory visits to camps, peeking inside a tent, and calling it good.

We travel to Africa at least once a year (usually more) sleeping in the beds, eating the food, going on the game drives, and getting to know the guides, camp owners, and staff. We don't claim to have visited every camp (yet!) but we do claim to have spent time getting to know the camps we have visited. If at all possible, we stay for at least two days per camp, and ideally three - just as you would. This gives us a much better idea of what the camp is like - its atmosphere, its guiding, and its wildlife. We won't send you to any camps or lodges that we wouldn't want to stay in ourselves.

We know how expensive these trips can be, and we take your comfort, safety, and experience very seriously. We want your safari to be the experience of a lifetime - although, once bitten, we know you'll go back!

Dedication and value At Timeless Africa you will always work directly with one of the managing partners. We are committed to bringing you the best that Africa has to offer and to making your journey everything it should be, right from the start.

You will pay the same amount (usually less) by booking your trip with us versus booking direct with African lodges, camps and safari operators. We receive discounted rates that enable us to add a small commission and still pass along a net savings to you. Unlike some agencies, we do not charge any additional fees for our services.

We are not in the business of offering cut-rate safaris at the expense of your experience in order to get you to book with us. Timeless Africa focuses on offering value for money, regardless of your trip's level of luxury. To this end we work solely with Africa's top lodges, camps, hotels, and safari operators. You may pay a bit more than you would with another agency, but you will get a lot more for your money.

When it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get. We will not quote an artificially low price to get your business and then suddenly 'remember' additional fees. When you receive a quote from us, inclusions and exclusions are clearly outlined. We will always inform you up-front about any additional costs, such as fly-camping and walking safaris in some Tanzanian parks.

Security and Integrity We are a member of ASTA - the American Society of Travel Agents
(member number #900150020) - and adhere to ASTA's strict code of ethics. ASTA membership is a recognised mark of professionalism in the travel industry and is recommended by the media as the best way to identify a reputable travel company.

Timeless Africa is a member of ATTA, the African Travel and Tourism Association, the largest Africa-focused European trade association. Membership is by nomination only and indicates a company with good standing within the safari industry.

Conservation and Education We are dedicated to encouraging conservation and economic development in Africa through eco-tourism. Please visit the Giving more to Africa page to learn more about our involvement in conservation and education.

If you have any questions about Timeless Africa please feel free to contact us.