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Makalolo Plains in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, is one of the best places in Africa to see the magnificent sable antelope.
© Wilderness Safaris larger image
Zimbabwe is a landlocked country blessed with stunning scenery, surrounded by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. Two great rivers form its northern and southern borders: the mighty Zambezi forms a natural boundary with Zambia in the north, whereas the languid Limpopo forms the border with South Africa in the south.

In recent times, Zimbabwe's political problems have overshadowed the beauty of this seldom-visited country. We monitor the situation in Zimbabwe closely and remain confident that visitors to Zimbabwe will enjoy a high standard of comfort and safety as well as warm and gracious hospitality.

On Safari in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe offers a host of options for travellers. In addition to day and night game drives, walking safaris and canoeing the Zambezi, adrenaline junkies will enjoy such activities as white water rafting, bungee jumping and microlighting in Victoria Falls. This makes Zimbabwe an ideal destination for those keen on variety.

A close encounter with a herd of elephant on a walking safari at Makalolo Plains, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
© Dana Allen larger image
Safari-goers to Zimbabwe generally focus on three areas:
  • Hwange National Park, located on the western border with Botswana, is home to some of Africa's last great elephant, buffalo, and sable herds.

  • Mana Pools National Park, a remote and wild UNESCO World Heritage Site, is nestled along the Zambezi on the floodplains of the Great Rift Valley.

  • Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, is located on the shared border with Zambia in the country's north-western corner.

Huge herds of buffalo are often seen on game drives at Makalolo Plains, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
© Wilderness Safaris larger image
Safari Extensions Access to Zimbabwe's safari areas is usually done through Victoria Falls, which offers easy connections to Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa for people who would like to extend their safari experience.

Access to Cape Town and the Cape Winelands is also easily arranged, with frequent connections between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

When to Go Zimbabwe enjoys between four to ten hours of sunshine all year round. Generally, days are bright and sunny; nights are clear and cool. November to April are the summer months (also the rainy season); May to July are the winter months, with a generally dry weather. August through October the weather is very hot and dry. In the Zambezi basin you could see temperatures as high as 35°C; while in winter, daytime temperatures average 13-20°C.