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Custom Mobile Safaris

For those who want to explore Africa in the classic style, a custom mobile safari may be the ultimate safari. Combining the flexibility of a customised itinerary with the mobility and intensely personal experience of a mobile safari, this truly is Africa as the old Africa hands knew it.

You can choose to move your mobile camp by plane, boat, or Land Rover as you roam across Africa's wild lands. Stay as long as you wish in each destination, with only your expert guide and your chosen travel companions for company. Enjoy the simple luxuries of a mobile camp in your own private Africa.

A custom mobile safari is arguably one of the best ways to experience East Africa, enabling you to penetrate deep in to the remote regions of the national parks and conservation areas far away from the normal tourist routes. A group as small as two can arrange a custom mobile for a surprisingly reasonable price.

There are some destinations reachable only as part of a custom mobile - they are just too remote to be included in normal mobile or fly-in itineraries. Among them is the edge of the Western Kalahari in Botswana, where small communities of San Bushmen continue to pursue a predominantly traditional lifestyle. If you'd like to learn more about this region, please visit the Kalahari page.

We arrange customised mobile safaris with only a few select operators. As each itinerary is tailored to your specifications and there are a large number of factors involved in creating the perfect itinerary, please contact us to start planning your custom mobile safari.