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Solo Travel

Travelling in Africa is an adventure, and there are those who feel that travelling solo in Africa might be a bit too much of an adventure. But if you dream of going to Africa and haven't managed to convince one of your friends or family members to share your dream, don't despair - we've spent a lot of time travelling solo in Africa and would be happy to help you plan your trip.

Solo travel can be very liberating. Every aspect of your trip is designed specifically for your unique interests - you can go where you want when you want, without needing to worry about whether the walking trail is too strenuous or the small camp too boring for your travel companions. You can spend a month in one place if you choose, or a day if you decide you don't care for it. It's entirely up to you.

Travelling solo in Africa can be a uniquely rich and rewarding experience. You'll interact more with local people as they are often more willing to approach solo travellers, and they're more likely to see you as an individual rather than just one of a group of tourists. You'll also get to know other travellers better for much the same reason - we've made some very good friends on our solo trips!

There's no denying that solo travel can be expensive, especially since many safari camps and lodges charge a 'single supplement' on top of their normal rates. However, there are some places that never charge a single supplement - notably the lodges and camps run by CC Africa - and there are others that only charge the supplement during high season. For this reason, solo travellers often benefit enormously by travelling in low or shoulder season.

If you would enjoy travelling with a small group of like-minded people, you may want to take a look at our Mobile Safari page. Almost all of our Adventurer mobile itineraries have no single supplement and constant pricing throughout the year, making them extremely good value for solo travellers - particularly during the prime game-viewing season when single supplements are likely to be a factor.

Please contact us if you'd like to find out more about travelling solo in Africa.